Alea Leather Specialist's leather kits are designed with the safety as the highest priority. We have conducted extensive laboratory testing to make certain that our products meet or exceed all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS).

Side Impact Airbag Deployment Test Series have been conducted in a certified laboratory, MGA Research Corporation of USA, to assure passenger safety.

View Airbag Deployment Test video – Ford Mustang
View Airbag Deployment Test video – Toyota Camry
Also view Alea Headrest DVD Crash Test video in TUV Certification

View FMVSS 208 Test - Buick Enclave Report Header (1Mb) | Full Report (17Mb)
View FMVSS 208 Test - Buick Lucerne Report Header (1Mb) | Full Report (12Mb)
View FMVSS 208 Test - Toyota Camry Report Header (1Mb) | Full Report (22Mb)

In addition, each airbag seat cover is manufactured with the PFAFF Docu-seam system.

As part of the quality management system, limit settings of the thread tension, the stitch length, and the number of stitches are ascertained by means of trial seams and entered into the quality assurance system.

During the sewing process a sensor carries out dynamic thread-force measurement online "stitch by stitch". The settings for stitch length and the number of stitches are also monitored. The docu-seam system compares the measured readings (stitch by stitch) with the previously entered limit settings, and evaluates the seam quality. Any variance from the specified tolerance range will set off a signal (NOK = not in order). In this case the data is saved but marked with "NOK". No label is printed and the kit is rejected.

The system can detect the following faults:
  • Thread tension too tight
  • Thread tension too loose
  • Skipped-stitch
  • End of needle thread
  • End of bobbin thread
  • Needle-thread break
  • Bobbin-thread break
  • Needle breakage
  • Changes in the stitch formation, e.g., due to wear parts

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