ALEA stands for Automotive Leather Eleganza Atelier. These words refer to the studio production of elegant quality automotive leather upholstery, and are reflective of Alea Leather's overall vision to be the market leader in automotive leather interiors and accessories.

Operating Principles of Alea - We are committed to fulfilling our vision with the following Operating Principles:

  • We take pride in producing and marketing our products with the highest quality materials and workmanship.
  • We believe in creating values for our customers who appreciate our excellent product quality, services and competitive prices.
  • We aim at developing strong leadership and management skills of our employees at all levels to ensure the overall strength of the company be sustained
  • We are a market driven company and do constantly evaluate market potential and competition. We will develop the most effective strategies to capture market share in each of our targeted markets.
  • We encourage efficient and effective communication between the companies within our group, as well as with all vendors and customers.
  • We treat all employees, customers, and vendors with respect and integrity, regardless of their race, religion, nationality, or cultural background.
  • We encourage an environment that will allow our employees to develop their skills and maximize their potential in contribution toward the long term growth of the company.
  • We hold honesty and fairness in the highest regard in all of our business, social, and community dealings. We will observe all local laws and regulations in markets where the company is established.
  • We invest in product research and development, as well as our employees to ensure our continuous success in leading the industry in products and services
  • We reinvest all resources in the companies within our group through profitable growth


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