2012 SEMA Show Sponsorship Program

Sponsorship Proposal Requirements


Alea Leather Specialist, Inc. is seeking customizers/builders who are interested in sponsorship for custom interior designs for the upcoming 2012 SEMA Show. We take great consideration in every proposal, and are willing to partner with individuals that will add mutual value through our products to achieve a successful SEMA exhibition. In order to be considered for their sponsorship, please provide all the necessary materials requested below.


Sponsorship Applicants must email proposals to:


Alea Leather, Inc.
Simon Lee / Marketing Department


The proposal must include the following:


1.       Business history & nature.

2.       Description of the vehicle. Only model years 2008 to present will be considered.

3.       Photos of the vehicle taken from different angles, including interior shots.

4.       Your contact information, including name, address, phone numbers and email address.

Please note that the Alea Leather logos in the form of embroidery or embossing will be placed on their product without hindering the overall design.


Successful applicants will be notified personally by our staff members within 4 weeks. If you happen to be declined sponsorship, please feel free to resubmit an application in 30 days.

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