About Us

Alea Leather Specialist, Inc. is a company that distributes premium quality leather seat covers and innovative car accessory products throughout North America.

Alea works in close partnership with distinguished supplier/manufacturer of premium quality leather car seat covers and car accessories. They have been in the highly competitive market for more than 20 years, delivering quality products that exceed the expectation of car dealers and car enthusiasts of the industry.

Alea Leather Specialist is a subsidiary company of Sunguard Group of Hong Kong, a multifaceted firm specializing in manufacturing, exporting and marketing consumer products. Incorporated in 1992, the Sunguard Group has established production facilities, offices, distributors and a professional sales network covering Hong Kong, mainland China, the US and Europe to distribute premium automotive leather seat covers, headrest DVD Players and deluxe leather home furniture.

Alea Leather Specialist, Inc. is proud to introduce the same high quality products to the car enthusiasts of the North American market.

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